Pie or cobbler?
I make the best apple cobbler.... Mmmmm
Oh, so we don't get to choose between ice cream and a baked good this time ...  :grin:

Well, I absolutely love both pie and cobbler, and both are superior to cake, if I absolutely had to choose between the two I'd likely go with cobbler, especially if it were apple.  Just saying ...
I mostly eat apple and pumpkin pie.  I think I had cobbler once, but it was in a swanson hungry man, so I can't say I actually had a real cobbler.  I'm in WI, so maybe its not very regional, cause I don't even hear of cobblers often. 

We do have awesome tarts though!  And kneecaps!  And kolaches!  And beliners!
Drummerboy what are the last 3 items you listed?
(10-10-2013, 11:44 PM)candyapple Wrote: Drummerboy what are the last 3 items you listed?

Ha-Ha!  You bit!  I knew someone would ask.

Kneecaps are basically a cream-puff, deep-fried dough coated with suger (crystal or powdered), and there's a little dimple on top that's filled with cream - hence the name.  Kolaches are a Czech desert (WI and NE have large Czech immigrant populations from mid - late 1800's).  Its a sweet dough desert that's very flat and round, and has a shallow bowl cavity that can be filled with any jelly you want - prune, apricot, raspberry, and poppy-seed are the favorites.  Beliners are basically shaped like a stuffed donut, a little bigger and puffier though; and are filled with jelly or poppy-seed.  Czech's like their poppy-seed because they grow so much of it.

Funny story about kneecaps.  I was in class once and I somehow got to mentioning knee-caps.  There was a girl from Canada there who got quite scared at the idea of eating knee-caps: she thought they were human ones!  So I ended up getting 2 dozen knee-caps for everyone - a happy ending! :LOL:

[Image: th?id=H.4996851974276260&w=245&h=181&c=7&rs=1&pid=1.7]

Pie = filling within a pastry shell; Cobbler = pastry shell within a filling! :P
See I thought you missed spelled berliners to beliners ! Oops ! Berliners are chocolate covered Bismarks with custard filling. Bismarks are jelly filled.

Turnovers.  :grin: Kolaches are good, too. Between pie and cobbler: definitely pie. I've never had a cobbler where the "cobbles" were worth a darn.
Aw, this (the OP question) is a question I love to hear when I have made reservations to eat at an Amish farm east of Tulsa. It's mostly for church groups, but if they are hosting a group, you can ask to join if they have a free table. They ask what kind of meats your group/table would like, everything served with mashed potatoes, green beans, German noodles, and stuffing, and then... your choice of pie or cobbler.

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