Pope Leo XIII Encyclicals on Rosary in Audio
For the month of October in honor of the Holy Rosary, Alleluia Audiobooks has a new Audiobook The Holy Rosary Remedy for Modern Evils.

There are 3 or the 11 of Pope Leo XIII encyclicals on the Rosary.

Latitiae sanctae discuss the rosary as a remedy for the three evils afflicting modern man: A Hatred for a Humble Life, A disdain for all suffering, forgetfulness of the future life. Adiutricem discusses the Rosary as a means of Christian unity throughout the whole world and a great hope for the reunion of those who have come estranged from the Church through schism (Eastern Orthodox).  Iucunda Semper Expectatione discusses the great hope that we should have in our Blessed Mother Mary, mediatrix of grace.

Part I Latitiae sanctae
A Little Sample
"There are three influences which appear to Us to have the chief place in effecting this downgrade movement of society. These are -- first, the distaste for a simple and laborious life; secondly, repugnance to suffering of any kind; thirdly, the forgetfulness of the future life."

To listen to rest go here

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