Papal and Curial Document Calling for a New World Authority - your thoughts?
In this news article:, a Vatican document
is discussed which derives from the desires and statements of recent popes as well as the Curia.

The document is entitled "Toward Reforming the International Financial and Monetary Systems in the Context of Global Public Authority" and is "Prepared by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace", having been released Oct 24, 2011 (somewhat old
news but still very relevant).

In a nutshell, it calls for a "gradual creation of a world political authority with broad powers to regulate financial markets", a "supranational authority" for "the common good"; it foresees creation of a "central world bank that would regulate the flow of monetary exchanges" and calls for a "gradual, balanced transfer of a part of each nation's powers to a world authority and to regional authorities."

Importantly, "while the Vatican document focused on financial issues, it envisioned a much wider potential role for the global political authority. The agenda also includes peace and security, disarmament and arms control, protection of human rights, and management of migration flows and food security."

I'm interested in members' views on this idea.  Initially, I revolted at the thought because Catholics and Christians would have no place to go in the event that the "global authority" became repressive and begins to persecute us.  Also, one of the main powers of the Antichrist/False Prophet/Beasts is the forbid anyone from buying or selling unless they have or accept the mark of the beast; this implies that they will have worldwide control over monies and finances.  Another main power of these evil ones could derive from the global authority for "peace and security" and be used to force everyone, great and small, slave and free to worship the beast's image, etc.

Now, the Vatican asserts that this global authority would be for the "common good" and indeed could do a lot of good for a lot of people, provided it doesn't get taken over by evil ones/forces.  Is it worth it, to do good for perhaps many years and yet finally end up in the hands of the Antichrist?

I ask you to remember the institution of the Holy Roman Empire, crowned by the Popes, and commissioned to defend the Church against all temporal enemies.  I suggest that this global authority could only survive for long if it were both ordained by the Popes and answerable to them.  This idea of a Catholic World Sovereign may fly in the face of the idea of separation of Church and State, but I suggest that if it's OK for the Muslims to have theocracies, why not we?

Anyway, your thoughts on this?

Well, I believe that the push for globalism will ultimately result in the Church and a Catholic government running everything anyway.  The world can only run from its King for so long.  Eventually (and there may be wars first), we'll see it happen...

The comet signalling the end of the European secular governments may be the one visiting us this Christmas... maybe.
I think it's just a recipe for the AntiChrist, after all Our Lords kingdom is "not of this world". As for common good,i can't see how that could mean anything specifically Catholic in the intelectual climate both inside and outside the Church these days.Outside the Church the only two real forces that compete with Catholicism are Mohammedanism and Secularism, neither of which have any room for Christ, the natural law or eternal salvation in their worldviews and inside the Church since Vatican II ecumenism and the notion of "implicit faith" make it unlikely the Vatican would even desire a worldwide confessionally Catholic government. Any way you cut it a world government seems like a recipe for disaster and a global gulag archipelago.

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