Elvis Presley and the Rosary
M4R, either you've undergone some sort of serious brain injury (in which case you have my sympathy and prayers) or someone's turned M4R into a sockpuppet. 
Read his recent exchanges with Melkite in the Fatima thread. He's back to his old style somehow.
Hmmm...I'm chalking it up to some combination of booze and/or pharmaceuticals then.  No sane adult outside of George Lucas' fever dreams could enjoy Jar Jar in any other state...
I didn't know that this thread that I have bumped degenerated into this sort of talk; although indeed I see the difference of his style of posting now. Oh dear, I think it is not the fruitcake that I have been eating after all that caused me to think like this, it is really true.

Anyway, RE: the topic, I knew that Elvis is a good person at heart, and somehow that good nature of him really did have a lasting influence at his music and singing. If I would love a rock and roll singer, it would be Elvis, and I do love his singing.

I might be more of a Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra fan (I listen to six Dino albums from his Reprise years everyday, and I always listen to Ole Blue Eye's Capitol albums every now and then.), but I would listen to an occasional Elvis tune every now and then.

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(12-21-2015, 03:07 AM)Might_4_Right Wrote:
(12-21-2015, 02:21 AM)Neopelagianus Wrote: I must bump this! For indeed I believe in the resurrection of the thread!

Thank for small resurrection mirical Neopelagianus!!! You make Jar Jar Binks heart sing. Jar Jar Binks No remember this! Jar Jar Binks so Happy Elvis sing song our Lady! Jar Jar Binks feel like dorithy in Wizard OZ! Jar Jar BinKs Remember Now! Look there Tim!!! Jar Jar Binks Love Timouse!!! Timouse out purgatory now!!! He Saint in Heaven!!! All say Hi Timouse!!! Jar Jar binks  happy Tim see us now!!! and Poche Poche he like living fisheater saint!! DJR is that you j michal??? And beautiful Clare Brigid she here too!!! Jar Jar binks see Tracy!!! Jar Jar binks VERY VERY VERY NOW happy to Neopelagianus!!! Jar jar feel like Dancing!!! Jar Jar binks NOW dancing now Jar Jar Binks wants to danc night away and make new day come now!!!  :dancingjewishman :dancingjewishman :dancingjewishman
You're welcome, bud :tiphat:

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Elvis Presley was often called the King of rock and roll. One day some reporters asked him about how he felt about that. Elvis Presley said, "There is only one king that I recognize and his name is Jesus Christ."

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