Anybody Else Have Cataracts?
So I went to the retina specialist yesterday, and after torturing me with his magnifying glass and light, he sat back and said:"Hmmm, that cataract that you have is getting worse."  :O Ummm, what? What cataract?! I've been noticing some increased difficulty seeing, but I have a hard time actually judging how much more difficult it is now than, say, six months ago. The doctor said that it's not bad enough to justify surgery yet, since he's leery of doing any kind of surgery on my one working eye, but that it will probably get worse and that therewill come a point when I'll want to do somethingso that I don't end up going blind.

Anybody else had this? Have you had the surgery? Is it true that they don't "put you out" for it? Is it like having wisdome teeth removed, where you're sleepy but don't remember anything after it?
My grandmother had both eyes done (at different times), I think she even just had it in the office, not the hospital. She remembers very little.

She's a very skittish, nervous person at times, and had no qualms about going in to get the second eye done, so it must not have been too bad.
Personal experience. I had one (trauma induced) in my right eye, years back. I'm one of those people who is scared to death of anything near my eyes. I have great difficulty even using eye drops and when contacts were first introduced when I was in high school my ophthalmologist told me to not even think about it, I'd never be able to use them.

Out of that fear, I put off the surgery until I was blind in my right eye. At that point, I could distinguish light and dark with it and movement a few inches away, nothing else. When I finally broke down and had the surgery, it was a breeze! I went into the clinic at 7.00 AM. I wasn't put under, just a local around the eye and I was awake through the whole thing. I was out by 10.00 AM.

When the bandages came off, I had been blind in the eye for so long that I had to wear an eye patch for a few days because my brain wasn't used to processing the images from two eyes! I was seeing double. I wore the patch for driving and work, leaving it off the rest of the time. After about a week, my brain started integrating the two images properly and, poof, I could see out of both eyes!

I recently discovered that I now have one in my left eye, this time just from getting old. :LOL: I'll have no qualms whatsoever about the surgery this time.

Oh, and I've joked for years that I'm now a cyborg, since I have an artificial part with a serial number on it. In fact, after the surgery, I was given a card with the serial number of my artificial lens.

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