Sydney Anglicans
Why is the Anglican Diocese of Sydeny have such a negative view towards ritualism?
I was looking at an outline for a "Sunday Meetings"  and came upon this

"If what were once called sacraments are to be at all, they are to be brief and should be apologised for. Baptism is begun with the exhortation that “this is just ordinary tap water. “ It’s very important that the congregation not think that anything is happening at either sacrament."

I know of Protestants who treat baptisms with more solemnity than this.

I know their clergy also don't wear any type of vestments and they discourage praying to Saints.

So why are they so different than your average Anglican church? How come they are still in the Anglican communion ?
The article appears to be an attempt at sarcasm.  Not a very successful attempt, judging by your reaction.
It' may be sarcasm but it reflects accuracy. Anglican clergy in Sydney are forbidden from wearing almost all vestments. It's as low Anglican as you can get.

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