Weightlifting and the cult of the body
Too bad I can't remember which episode it was, but in M*A*S*H Radar decided to lift weights to become a "real man" and then Col. Potter sees him and cautions: "Son, you'll get old and all that muscle will turn to fat!"  No-one like Potter to give advice!

(11-16-2013, 08:38 AM)Cetil Wrote: I guess it's a normal part of our culture that is so focused on personal image and wanting to look like a movie star. I will pray for him and I hope someone can teach him to appreciate the good qualities he has which have nothing to do with appearance. Young people today need to be taught that personal qualities such as their character are so much more important than "looking good". Appearances will fade and there is no turning back the clock.


I echo that as well.  Besides, those bodybuilders do nothing but stack on lots of useless muscle; they can't do physical labor for crap.  I'd take a skinny farm boy over a body builder any day.

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