High Winds Damage Detroit Landmark TLM Church

St. Josaphat was the first church in metropolitan Detroit to offer the Traditional Latin Mass as indult. Its steeple sustained heavy damages from the high winds that beset the area Sunday and Monday nights. Pray that the steeple will be repaired and that we can again celebrate the TLM in this beautiful church.

The video of the steeple was recorded by drone camera. This is in midtown Detroit, near the Wayne State University campus.


This just breaks my heart.  I am originally from Detroit and we LOVE St. Josephate.  This church is truly a treasure that needs to be preserved.  I don't know why they seem to indicate the steeple will not be repaired.  Surely the diocese could apply to the Vatican and ask for assistance to preserve this special church.  A trip home would not be the same without Sunday mass at St. Josephate. 

Here are a few links to some more info on this damage.  The masses have been moved to nearby St. Josephs church, which is also beautiful, but not as ornate. 

http://stjosaphat.wordpress.com/ - this is their blog page

http://themichigancatholic.com/2013/11/h...n-detroit/  - story in the Michigan Catholic
Very sad to see!  I remember working with this group once, arranging a Latin Mass here in the St. Louis area.

The article says no one has been allowed inside the church since, but I hope they were at least allowed inside to recover the Blessed Sacrament and other sacred objects . . .

And, not that this is any real consolation, but churches which lose their spires can still look nice if done properly.  St. Roch's in St. Louis, MO comes to mind:

[Image: Saint%20Roch%20Roman%20Catholic%20Church...ssouri.jpg]

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