Plea to Priests/Seminarians Who Came to Tradition via FishEaters
I'm a young, newly baptised, Catholic who has yet to be officially "Catholicised" into the church (mainly because of lack of transportation) but for the past five years or so I have been deeply in love with everything Traditional Catholic. I think that this forum, especially all of Vox's wonderful articles on the main site led me to Catholicism. After having spent months thinking it over, praying, and learning as much about it as I could I think I have come to the conclusion that I am going to become a priest. At this point I honestly can't think of any other long term carreer that would suit me. Several people, mostly Protestant even (how in the world does that work?!), have said that they thought I would make a good priest. I even had dreams about it.

At this point unless some angel appears and tells me otherwise, I'm going to go to a seminary in hopes of becoming a priest. I'm not sure when, maybe next year and I have no clue where. All I know is that it is going to happen. I greatly appreciate everyone on this forum, especially Vox for helping lead me to Catholicism. Without this forum, I might still have been a somewhat irritable, slightly depressed, protestant.
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THIS is what I live for, along with family! I totally beg you to keep me posted throughout your life as a seminarian and a priest, and to, if you would, send me a little pic and a bio of yourself, along with contact info, so I can put it into my little "'My' Priests and Religious" memory book! I picture myself as an old (well, older) woman, God willing, looking through my little booklet and knowing I did at least something good and important in the world, ya know?

My address is:

Tracy Tucciarone
736 North Bosart Avenue
Indianapolis, IN  46201-2955  U.S.A.

Whether you send me a little write-up and pic of yourself or not, know that I am SO grateful you took the time to let me know about this and to give me kind words about my work! It means so much to me it's hard to tell you how much, really. Thank you! And God bless you a thousand times!

Praise God!

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I've obviously never discerned a vocation to that type of religious life because I'm a woman, but I did discern a vocation as a religious sister. I had communicated with an Ursuline sister and, more extensively, with a Carmelite solitary who put me in touch with two convents in the United States. If I recall correctly, one of them invited me for a "come and see" type of experience. I also spoke with a spiritual director. But, as much as I have been drawn to Carmelite spirituality (I love Saint Therese and her "Little Way" in particular), something in the discernment process didn't seem to "click". I met my future boyfriend six months ago, and when we discussed things like children and marriage, something resonated so deeply within me that I knew my vocation was to be found in married life someday.

I have learned the most about tradition thanks to FishEaters, and I am very grateful for that. I recently posted on another Catholic forum, which will remain unnamed, and I was the politically correct, "we must not ever offend anyone!" type of vibe it had. There was a thread discussing the "Protestant taint" in certain Catholic churches, and one Catholic posted something along the lines of, "we shouldn't use the word 'taint.' We have Protestant posters on this forum (never mind that Protestantism is a heresy and heresy taints the soul)." Another Catholic posted to agree with that statement. I said that we should dress in our best clothing for Mass because of the infinite majesty of God, and another Catholic said that we may as well cut our tomatoes a certain way when making sandwiches because of God's infinite majesty, too (I didn't understand the connection, myself). Anyway, this forum is a breath of fresh air; it has no politically correct skirting around all potentially offensive issues, addresses real problems, proposes solutions, and helps people grow in their spiritual lives. Thank you, Vox. :)
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I am in college and currently discerning for the priesthood. I consider myself as a "semi-trads" before which preferred the TLM but a reverent NO could also be acceptable (ad orientem, latin, chants, smells and bells, etc.), but the site definitely help me to become more hardcore and learned a lot about traditional Catholic culture which could hardly be learned in the mainstream world. I am now attending a SSPX chapel (it is one and half hour away in another diocese but due to the hostile attitude of the local bishop towards the TLM it is the nearest choice, I am fine with more trads-mentality diocesan, Ecclesia Dei groups, and SSPX) and love there, not purely due to personal affection but moreover the holy priest there and his traditional CATHOLIC preaching, which could be seen as "hatred" in the mainstream. I am planing to check out some communities soon.
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FishEaters was one of the first traditional sites I read. I knew then and there that Tradition was for me. It's taken time to grow in Tradition of course, and culminated for me in discerning a vocation call on May 13th of last year, when I was visiting some Sisters of the Holy Cross. There were Brothers of the Holy Cross as well, and I really appreciated souls who lived only for God, for the Church and for others totally, and who had dedicated their lives to Our Lord and to Our Lady in this way. On May 31st, I went to Priory for a few days. They asked me to take some time off, really think and pray about it, and come back after a while. After prayer and discerning as best I can that this is really the path for me, and the conviction that life is best spent by helping to save souls, I'll be going permanently in just about 3 months.

So, I'm really grateful to FishEaters for all the great work this traditional apostolate does and encourage the Owner and all of you to really keep it up. We should all go to Heaven and save our soul, and should be be aiming to bring at least one other soul to Heaven with us. St. Dominic Savio and the Doctors say, "If I manage to save one other soul, I also ensure the salvation of mine." The Marian Apostolate is a great simple way for all of us to save souls, just by offering our life, and doing the ordinary actions of our state of life. Our Lady promised, with full Church approval, that we could save the souls of all the members of our families, and liberate our loved ones from Purgatory.

All She asks is we place the value of all our works in Her hands to distribute, especially our Masses and Communions: The good news is even holy Lay People, with Priests and Nuns, can Save Souls! If 1000s of us will resolve to each make every effort to help save 1000s of souls, many millions of souls would be enabled to enter Heaven through us. We will be specially rewarded for each and every soul we help sanctify or save.

St. Montfort has said: "To appreciate the excellence of this motive we must understand what a wonderful thing it is to convert a sinner or to deliver a soul from Purgatory. It is an infinite good, greater than the creation of heaven and earth, since it gives a soul the possession of God ... It may well be that at the hour of death a person who has been faithful to this devotion will find that he has freed many souls from Purgatory and converted many sinners, even though he performed only the ordinary actions of his state of life(!). Great will be his joy at the judgement. Great will be his glory throughout eternity."

So all of us should really discern and see if we are either called to live some vocational life, or are called to a totally consecrated life within our own state of life. The Church needs abundant vocations to Priesthood and Religious Life, and also holy Laity, more than ever!
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"My dear Jesus, before the Holy Trinity, Our Heavenly Mother, and the whole Heavenly Court, united with Your Most Precious Blood and Your Sacrifice on Calvary, I hereby offer my whole life to the Intention of Your Sacred Heart and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Together with my life, I place at Your disposal all Holy Masses, all my Holy Communions, all my good deeds, all my sacrifices ...
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