What symbol is this?
A red circle with a white triangle, and there's a large gold letter P inside the triangle.  I searched on Google and found that the triangle inside of a circle is sometimes associated with the Illuminati.  These symbols were worn as patches by men wearing gold jackets.

I went to a wake for a Catholic tonight and several men wearing these gold jackets with the patches on them.  They each took turns standing next to the casket with each person reading some kind of speech.  I remember one person's speech said something about the men forming some kind of circle, and with this person's death, the circle was broken and they all had to be helpless before death.  They all seemed to be close to the person who had died, and one man even held back tears as he read his piece.  When they were done they closed with some kind of prayer.

There were also American Legionnaires and a Moose Lodger, and they wore clothing associated with those groups.  Some men wore USMC jackets.  I know what these people represent, but not the ones in gold I mentioned above.
Sounds like a fraternity... We're the jackets blazers? Or more like windbreakers/varsity jackets?
They were blazers.  The men all wore them and had black nametags with nothing to say what organization they were in.

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