Any comments?
I'm not a Britney Spears fan but listen to what they are saying about her.
NEW YORK (KP International) The folks at Madame Tussaud's famous wax museum have taken it upon themselves to launch a Bring Back Britney movement.

Quote: We want to save Britney from herself, from her husband and from her relentless fertility,"
Doesn't that just sum up the whole secular world of today? To "save" people from "relentless fertility"... sad
I'm certainly no fan of Britney (I think she has a nasally, whiny, warbly voice and is no Aguilera -- though both of these girls need to put some clothes on), but what is being done to her is completely awful -- not just these rants against her for being a fertile woman (the noive!), but blowing up every parenting mishap in an attempt to sell papers. It's disgusting. Poor girl.
I don't think it will make a difference for America whether or not Britney is "saved".  There will be a new Pop idol to replace her, and the millions of fans will forget Britney.

It took me years to accept the fact that Brittany Spears was a human being of flesh and blood endowed with an immortal soul, and not some wonderful android manufactured by the music corporations to sell sundry sorts of paraphernalia and miscellanea to witless adolescent girls and depraved old men. [Image: laff.gif]
I still believe some "pop stars" are soulless androids.
Quote: any comments? 
Its great to wait.

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