Who else enjoys spicy food?
Anyone eat spicy food everyday or very frequently ?
I like hot stuff, but not like cosmic hot. I especially like the Green Salsa on pan fried meat like chops. It has no sugar and it wakes them up pretty good. I eat Thai but scotch bonnet peppers are too much for me.

I love spicy food. I put a habanero in my chili or in ham hock and beans, for example. I used to eat a lot more of it, but as I get older, while my tongue still likes it, my digestive system doesn't! :LOL:
I have asthma and if it gets anywhere near the breathing while eating man it's frightening.

(12-03-2013, 05:03 PM)CatholicLife Wrote: Anyone eat spicy food everyday or very frequently ?

Yes! I particularly like Asian food - Indian, Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese. Mexican is good too, but only rarely would I call that spicy.
I like it, but I don't get it very often. Indian food is excellent! And I've had some really, really good chili verde lately. Not to mention jalapeno poppers, dipped in Cholula sauce.  :eats:
I make curry and chili a couple times a week.

I use a Jamaican hot sauce on most dishes too.

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(12-04-2013, 09:15 AM)Tim Wrote: I have asthma and if it gets anywhere near the breathing while eating man it's frightening.


Interesting. You must have some sort of Reactive Airway Disease, because Capsaicin is initially an irritant, but after a short time it blocks the nerves that cause the constriction. Before I retired, I had read a study that was, at the time, discounted due to the first response of the lungs on contact with Capsaicin. But soon afterwards, the relief came from the exposure.

I told my patients that if you were in a fix and couldn't get to your rescue inhaler, some cold strong black coffee can help (Caffeine is a weak bronchdilator and in the family of Xanthine drugs, like aminophylline or theophylline,  known bronchodilators). I also mentioned that some Tabasco (capsaicin source) sauce could also help and if you are sensitive to the stuff, that it is too hot for you, then just gargle it and spit out the rest.

More on the above:



As for Chili, well I am a kind of connoisseur.  I love the chilies of New Mexico (like from Hatch, NM) and some from Rocky Ford in southern Colorado, but my favorite come from Chimayo in New Mexico,  just north of Santa Fe. Wonderful flavor and a slow, enjoyable after-burn.

There are to axioms that pertain to Chili (for me anyway): It ain't good chili unless your nose runs and you break a sweat. and...Once you start eating the hot stuff, don't stop. You'll reach equilibrium and get your 'second wind'. If you stop, you just have to start all over.

I make a pretty good green chili stew and my red chili sauce is roundly enjoyed by my friends. I often pick up a supply when I visit my cousins in NM. Can't get good chili here in Florida.
I eat hot peppers in some form almost daily (usually in chili).

One of my favorite meals is scrambled eggs and hot peppers (long Italian or Cherry).   :)

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