Save the Liturgy at what cost?
(12-16-2013, 03:35 PM)winoblue1 Wrote: I guess my point in that on any number of issues the heirarchy have been breaking trust with the two main factions within the church, the modern and the traditional.
My main argument was that obedience will come when the heirarchy is themselves obedient to tradition.
They must lead by example, an example of submission to tradition.
How can anyone command obedience when they themselves are disobedient?

I'm totally with you there, Winoblue. We definitely haven't had many good role models among the ordained lately, that's for sure. But I think the newer crops of priests will be sooooooooooo much better than the men ordained in the 70s and 80s! I have great hope because of this. And the TLM is spreading! We've just got to fight harder to spread it further -- and to make sure that ALL of the sacramental rites are offered in the trad way, and that traditional DOCTRINE is preserved and handed down. One thing for sure is that, in the end, at least, we'll get what we deserve...


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