Churchmen applause Skorka's Christ-denying speech → public act of apostasy!
(12-31-2013, 09:37 PM)triumphguy Wrote: That's my point - it's right from the video link at the beginning of the thread!

And I don't like that stuff. But there was still a point to be made in that video, assuming it was honestly edited. My guess, though, is that they just applauded politely without willing any act of apostasy. If they willfully applauded the man's words, it was apostasy pure and simple.

The bigger lesson of it all is this:  rabbis have many too many "inroads" into the Church and have too much power over even our very liturgy. This is a very serious problem and needs to be discussed. It'd be nice if the folks doing the discussing would do it without the creepy music and all that, and would give folks the benefit of the doubt (e.g., assume they're applauding out of politeness), but still, there's a problem when a rabbi, being given some award from the Pope, gives a speech that denies Christ, and is then applauded. It's no wonder why the folks who'd stoop to the creepy music style of video editing would "go there"; the stuff is practically handed to them.


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