Face Readings
I have mixed feelings about it.  There is much scientific merit to herbal medicine - so much so, I am studying it myself.  :)  NOT the eastern medicine stuff - just the chemistry behind the herbs and proper applications.  I would certainly stay far away from the chakras and all that other New Age stuff. 

A good friend of mine went to an iridologist who correctly identified all health issues with her husband and herself by looking at there irises. 

And just for kicks, there was a Chinese medicine woman giving free pulse and tongue examinations at an all natural food store near us.  I happen to have a heart that constantly stops beating several times a minute, and a tongue that is ...well, lets just say it is not pretty.  I watched her interact with other people - seemed cheerful, friendly and very professional - so thought I would give it a try.  Her demeanor completely changed when she gave me my examination though, and seemed extremely concerned.  Apparently the tongue is a mirror of your digestive tract and between the sporatic heartbeat and funky tongue, I think she thought I was dying.  Which I very well may be.  (I have a precancerous colon and have ever since I was 26 and have very disturbing symptoms but no insurance.) 

I know several people who have had RA reversed, cancer cured, etc by avoiding the normal medical treatments and using herbs instead (under the care of a knowledgeable herbalist of course). So there are more 'mainsteam' people who practice herbal medicine without the New Age stuff.

Hope this helps!


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