NY TIMES - Radical Pope, Traditional Values
(01-02-2014, 03:43 AM)Chestertonian Wrote: The best thing to do is to ignore what all the secular buffoons are saying.  Every 15 minutes you spend reading some dumbass op-ed in the NY Times or Huffington Post is 15 minutes you could have prayed a Rosary for the Holy Father.  It doesn't matter what Esquire or Time or CNN thinks of the pope.  They just write what they think the zeitgeist demands and what will get the most clicks so they can sell more ads.  It's been a long time since journalism was about storytelling and truth.

Chester, while I do not think we should exaggerate the secular news, I don't think it should be ignored. It should be highlighted and disputed for the lies and crap that is is in every stream of media and society where we exist.

I Agree fully, the journalistic merit is questionable at best for the bulk of it, and the Pat Buchanan  / Mark Steyn standard of truthful and fact referenced editorial has been replaced with the flavor of spin that meets the politics and social views of the editor and publisher.

Unfortunately, we do not live in an isolated society where we are impervious to the impact of secular culture. Our politicians, the courts, the public school system, and even human resources policies where we work are defined in large part by the people and many catholics who subscribe to the mainstream mass media. CNN, Time, the NYTimes, and for an entire hipster generation the Huffington Post is the news; and it does define the times.  What's more sad is that so many catholic articles and OP Ed's many times are written by or referenced from catholic leaders and laity who have influence in church direction. 

We are the same church as the masses of catholics priests, bishops and laity who say the church is 200 years behind "the times". Yet we have a completely differing perspective on our churches status, spiritual health and direction. We cannot ignore the content that provides the fodder for how that vastly differing opinion is formulated.

And to destroy any credibility I have, I will quote the one thing Alex Jones has said that I feel is true, "there is a war on for our minds". Unfortunately too many good and well intentioned people with less critical or indifferent minds are being led astray.


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