Pope Francis - Church Must Not Create "Selfish Little Monster Priests"
(01-03-2014, 07:26 PM)Rosa Mystica Wrote: Honestly, I like that Pope Francis is doing this. We could use more priests who actually experience the lives of the poor.

So VERY true. Plus, the need to climb the "Liturgical Ladder" had a lot to do with the cover-up of the sexual abuse of children. 
(01-05-2014, 11:48 AM)Magdalene Wrote:
(01-05-2014, 08:20 AM)Chestertonian Wrote: Some priests are nothing but politicians, I think that is what he is referring to.

Yes, but why should we always have to guess or 'think what he is referring to'?  It would be nice to have some clear speech...

I also have not ever thought of priests as little monsters. And the worst priests I have known were either homosexual or narcissistic.  Those ones were not spiritual fathers.

But the priest is indeed ordained primarily to stand in persona Christi and to administer the sacraments and to preach the Gospel and to teach the people for the saving of souls.  He is to be more than a glorified social worker. The 'poor' also means the uncatechized, the sick, the dying, etc.  It is the laity now in most cases visiting the sick and so many of the dying do not  have access to the sacraments.  Too many souls are left in sin and not even made uncomfortable to be that way.  We are on this earth to save our souls.  Yes, the love of God spills over to love of neighbor and that is important but the saving of souls is what is imperative.

People squabble over the meaning of things, it's what we do.  Our Lord was misunderstood when He died on the cross so why would His followers be understood easily?

Some priests do monstrous things.  Like molest children, or move pedophile priests from parish to parish instead of from parish to prison.  In the diocese I live in, I'd say some of the priests are devoted (if not misinformed on liturgy) but a lot of them are "Father Bobs" that just care about pleasing people and making them feel comfortable.  Because they think that by coddling their parishioners they'll get more money in the donation basket, so the diocese can pay the legal fees for all the pedophile priests.  It's just messed up.  Honestly I think a year living among the poor would be good formation it sets the tone of their vocation--not to be served but to serve.
I certainly don't find the article objectionable. The holy father's calls to humility and service are just what the Church needs to hear--what it always needs to hear.

Just restore the Church's traditional prayer life and take a warhammer to Modernism to find the best fuel for this kind of fire. It's no surprise that the greatest number of holiest servants to the poor were formed by the traditional methods.

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