Picking ai Patron Saint for the Year

Do any of you Fishies (and your families) pick a new patron Saint each year on the Epiphany?  If so, who are you picking this year?  And why? How do you go about selecting a Saint -- especially if you're in a family situation?

Me, I'm still not sure yet whom to select. I'm leaning toward the Baptist -- but am drawn to St. Hildegard, too.  Hmmm! Decisions!

St Anthony because we're hopelessly disorganized and can never find anything - I'm hoping he can help us out a bit. :)
with the way things have been going St. Jude
Francis De Sales, I am ever being drawn to his writings
You can still get in on this through January:

I would like my saint to be a forgotten black Catholic cleaning lady who died in the mid-1970's and is now in heaven.  So I guess the feast day would be November 1st.
I actually picked one from this site or rather a saint chose me:


And I received St. Margaret of Antioch, one of the 14 holy helpers and one of the saints who spoke to St. Joan of Arc.  She is a patron for childbirth which is fitting for my pro-life work.

Also my spiritual father will pick patrons for me on Epiphany.

Awesome, I got St. Elizabeth of Hungary:  Patronage: Against In-Law Problems; Against the Death of Children; Against Toothache; Bakers; Brides; Charitable Workers; Falsely Accused People; Homeless People; Nursing Homes; People Ridiculed for Their Piety; Tertiaries; Widows

Good because I have a lot of in-law problems at the moment. 

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