Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus of Los Angeles
I have often visited the website of these sisters and just can't seem to understand them.

They retained the traditional habit, seem to have a tranditional-minded spirituality, have many young vocations and maintain a number of active healthcare apostolates


They are in Los Angeles, the heart of Mahoneydom and they attend the new mass

Does anyone have any insider info on:
-how they were able to hang on during the craziness of the 70's-present?
-keep attracting vocations?
-why they don't abandon the Novus Ordo?

It is quite an odd sort of sucess story...
Maybe because the the new liturgy by itself doesn't kill the faith, but, watering down the faith, abandoning traditions, letting genuine Modernism creep in does?

These Sisters are very orthodox and even have a monthly or more Latin Mass at their chapel, they are hardly part of the radical contingent.
Do you mean that they have the TLM at their chapel?

If this is true, then that would help me to understand how they have withstood the modernist juggernaut in their area...

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