Code to compute Littrugical Seasons
The code to compute Easter was already here, building on by using the Boost C++ Library the Litugical Seasons are easy to compute

determine_seasons(int year, std::vector proper_of_seasons)
        int month, day;

        determine_easter(year, &month, &day);

        proper_of_seasons.push_back(new partial_date(12, 25));

        boost::gregorian::date Christmas(year, 12, 25);
        boost::gregorian::date Easter(year, month, day);
        boost::gregorian::date Septuagesima = Easter - boost::gregorian::weeks(9);
        boost::gregorian::date TimeAfterPentecost = Easter + boost::gregorian::weeks(8);
        boost::gregorian::date Lent = (Septuagesima + boost::gregorian::weeks(2)) + boost::gregorian::days(3);


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