"Scarlet Bowl" unveiled, 3 Cardinals over 80 and 16 Cardinal electors
(01-12-2014, 09:53 PM)Chestertonian Wrote: I agree that some crosses and croziers are nicer than others but just because one is silvery looking doesn't mean it is silver.  It could be white gold or platinum.

I'd also be more interested in hearing how they conduct themselves, what they have done as priests/bishops and what they believe.

I agree.  Today, the allure of clericalism may obscure the simple truths of the Gospels…
[Image: cardinal%252Bmercier%252Bregalia.JPG]

By the way, I want the gallero back.   The cappa magna here on the right is not the rose/pink one worn during advent and Laetare Sunday of Lent.  I miss that too!
A great Thomist with a devotion to the Sacred Heart, Cardinal Mercier spoke the simple truths of the Gospels!
[Image: 220px-%22Cardinal_Mercier_has_appealed_t...512580.jpg]

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