How to Cleanse Your Mind of Porn Images

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How to Cleanse Your Mind of Porn Images
January 9, 2014
by mattfradd

Someone recently wrote to me asking how he could “cleanse his mind” from the many pornographic images he had chosen to look at over the years.

This is a question I get frequently, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to address it.

I first stumbled upon pornography at the age of eight (hear more of my story here). It was at a relatives house; I was playing out the back and had wandered into his garage. I opened up a cool-looking wooden trunk in the corner, started rummaging around and, there it was; a centerfold of a naked woman.

I can remember nothing else about that day, but I can still (vaguely) recall that image; I even remember the background was purple. Weird.

Alright. That was twenty two years ago.

What Can Be Done?

What are we to do with these images that still exist deep within our subconscious, that reemerge at the strangest and even most inappropriate times?

Here’s what I did…and do. It’s something that was recommended to me many years back by Jason Evert in his audio set Pure of Heart (I strongly recommend it).

Several years ago, while living in Ireland, I walked into a chapel, got on my knees before a statue of the Blessed Mother and spiritually adopted every woman I had ever seen and objectified in pornography.

This did not require me conjuring up the images one by one and, as it were, handing them over the Blessed Mother. That, it seems to me, would’ve been imprudent to say the least. Instead, I prayed something like the following:
Quote:Blessed Mother, I surrender to you every woman I have ever seen and objectified in pornography. I give them to you. Guide them, protect them, lead them to your son.

Don’t Just Pray Against, Pray For The Temptation

Now, whenever I remember an image (which, I should say is rare), I don’t just pray against the temptation, I pray for the temptation. That is, I surrender this woman, who I have spiritually adopted, into the care of Mary Immaculate and pray for her.

I now see these sorts of temptations as a wonderful opportunity for intercessory prayer! If these temptations are coming from the Devil, then praying for these women isn’t going to please him and may, I suspect, even disincentivize him from sending them!

Even when I am not tempted, I often pray for these women. When I pray the rosary, I might say, “Mary, I give you those victims of the porn industry that I have spiritually adopted.”

So the next time you are reminded of an image you’ve seen in the past, you might pray something like the following:
Quote:Dear Jesus, I give you this woman; this victim of the pornography industry. Help her to know you. Help her to be happy. I give you her family, her children, if she has any, and her soul. Protect and heal her from the wounds she has received. And may I, dear Jesus, never think about this woman as a thing to be used, but as a person to be loved. Hail Mary ...
Don't dwell on the images. If they pop up let them go immediately.
(01-13-2014, 03:22 PM)Asperges me Wrote: Don't dwell on the images. If they pop up let them go immediately.

Bad images should be discarded quickly, like a burning coal.

This prayer is good for all manner of temptation :

"Dear blessed Mother please come to my aid, the devil is tempting me and I am afraid".

A prayer of abjuration works as well (sort of like a lay version of exorcism):

"Spirit of _______ I abjure you and send you to the foot of the cross to be judged by Our Lord"

You may have to say it 2 or 3 times and then follow it up with a Hail Mary, but it does work.

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