just curious
What does the military inject their personel with?  I've heard of some shots they give you that contain classified substances.
One of my daughters has a fiance who enlisted in the Air Force. On the first day, he received 7 vaccinations and was in cardiac arrest within 12 hours. He ended up with a discharge since he was no longer eligible for the program he signed on to because of the adverse reaction. Pilots in the Air Force have to have a spotless health record. An interesting fact is that many career pilots retired rather than subject themselves to the new vaccination requirements. A wise choice, imo.
It is unconscienable to me that the military has so little regard for the brave souls who enlist.
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When my BIL was in the service during first Iraq war, before he went he received yellow fever and anthrax I think, in addition to othrs.   I don't know what othrs, though.
I recall getting 4 varieties of plague shots, several typhoid, 3 influenza, and assorted others in addittion to all the crap they gave us prior to deployments. 
Typically after shots everyone is down for a day.  I have seen people passout and/or have bad reactions.
Much of so-called Gulf War Syndrome was from folks having bad reactions to vaccinations for Anthrax, etc.
I'll say this, though...the entire time I served I never so much as had a cold, cough, sneeze, allergy, etc.  I'm sure the balanced diet, good living, plenty of exercise, and supplements helped that too...but if you were to tell me they had the cure for the common cold i would believe it!
My husband has had everything, including the anthrax which I think is optional now, and small pox.  At least they sent him home with the precautions he needed to take around us for the small pox.  What bugged me a few years ago was when they had given him something like 6 injections and then asked him if he wanted the oral or shot form for polio.  What do you think he said??  Oral, of course.  Did they tell him to be careful around our unvaccinated children?  Not a chance.
My oldest in the Marines received the anthrax. This I know because, though the child never didn't suffer from colds when young, we received a phone call after a few weeks in boot camp. He had a severe case of pneumonia. this would be about 3 1/2 years ago now. And yes since that time he gets colds, and another case of bronchitis upon his return from Iraq. My father served in the Air Force and he remembers regularly lining up for shots, most of the time they just were shot and he really does not remember what they were receiving. This would have been in the very late 50's.

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