My conversion, secularism, Ireland, the New Age movement and more ...
There's someone here who I respect and like a lot (you know who you are  :))

And who has encouraged me to post two particular blogs of mine up at FE.

Somehow feel a bit silly/shy about it, but am finally taking the advice. And am not quite sure where to put them. Anyway, here they are ...

First a LONG blog about my conversion story from New Age to the Church ...

Second, a very SHORT blog about the sinister nature of secular "tolerance" political correctness

And while I'm doing this , there's actually a third blog that I'm _really happy_ with about Ireland, America and how the New Age is so powerful in non-Catholic countries ...


  :)  This is too important for just the Pig Roast sub-forum. I'm moving it to where more folks will see it. There's much here for folks who are stuck in the New Age movement; they need to read this!

I find your theory of the Anglosphere's susceptibility to New Ageism interesting. I seem to recall Alex de Tocqueville writing that Protestant American would eventually succumb to pantheism.
There are excellent sermons on Video Sancto that reveals the nature of the theory of evolution and its connection to the New Age. And in a way it makes perfect sense because macroevolution teaches that we are evolving upward instead of falling downward from grace. Eliminating the idea that species are essentially different and we have a type of monism. We are made of one substance. Now if chemicals can evolve into men, that means all thing have the potential to live, even rocks. This leads to a kind of pantheism--everything is God, and we can worship trees, rocks, animals, etc, because everything is a part of God, who is evolving.

It seriously makes me think back on when the bible said the wise will become foolish, follow myths (see all the hoaxes people use to vindicate an unproven theory, and people just believe it because they don't want to be called foolish) and worship creation rather than the Creator
My warm thanks to you, Vox, for moving this - even I feel even more shy/silly than I did already having "my conversion" being in Catholic news ...

Anamchara, your de Toqueville reference is _very_ interesting. I would love to know where that was, and maybe  refer to it in my writing. But as you only "seem" to recall I guess you may not know. Do you or anybody know more on this?

For me, it is as clear as daylight - the New Age emerges in the Anglo-Protestant sphere.

The original inspirations are all English. Even the founding texts of Nineteenth Century Theosophy written by a Russian Helena P. Blavatsky were written in English!

This was a time when English was not the world language it is today. And it is interesting that Theosophy never took off in other countries like France or Italy or even Germany the way it did in England above all, but also America.

So, so much more I could say about the Anglophone origins and contours of the New Age movement, but I already have at my site. There is a label there for "New Age" with many, many posts ...

But these are particularly relevant in terms of the Anglo-American nature of the supposedly "universal" New Age movement.

Findhorn, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and the New Age Movement

Bound in Time and Culture: The “Universal” New Age

Note for old time Fish Eaters: the second blog actually features very perceptive comments - quoted in the blog itself - from Mhoram - long time Fish Eater from long ago who used to comment at my site. I wonder what happened to Mhoram?

Finally Thomas, yes the New Age is all to do with evolution without no consciousness of the  Fall whatsoever and monism and pantheism ... dangerous stuff. I may post something later today that refers more to this ...


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