Headcovering for Married Women
Obviously this custom doesn't exist anymore in the west. I'm just wondering about its history.

When I watch the Fatima movie it appears the married women always put something on their head before going out the door.

In the Kristin Lavransdatter novels set in medieval Norway maidens where their hair loose or with a wreath for special occasions and married women wear a wimple over their hair.

How common were these types of practices in Christian history and where/why did they disappear?

[Image: 23493%2Bkristin%2Blavransdatter%2B7.oppl.jpg]
In German there still is a synonym for "a female getting married" that literally translates as "getting under the bonnet".

I would guess that this was pretty universal - except for regions were women always covered their hair and their marital status was normally conveyed through variations in dress - but I am not sure about that.
What I have gotten from family history of myself and friends is that this practice started ceasing in the 19th century but continued until the middle of the 20th century in some rural areas.

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