If you don’t feel in need of God’s mercy don’t go to Mass, says Pope
(02-13-2014, 05:47 PM)PolishTrad Wrote:
"Chestertonian" Wrote:A lot of them also don't believe in the real presence, they're pro choice and they believe in gay marriage.
May we have some little off-topic here? Is it actually a sin to personally think that abortion should be legal? Is it a sin to vote for a person who is of the same opinion? Yes, no, depends?
I have some Catholic friends (you'd think it's not hard in Poland but actually I'd say more than a half of people I meet on a daily basis are non-believers) and most of them are much better than I when it comes to living according to the Church's teaching. But, unlike me, they usually think that in vitro fertilisation is ok, same-sex unions as well, etc., etc. I doubt they ever confess it and if they do then well, they don't change their view so such a confession is invalid. But I'm 99% sure they don't confess their political views that are opposed to Catholic teaching. Heck, nowadays not that many Catholics vote for parties that are acceptable from our point of view. So, what is it like? When do one's views about abortion/euthanasia/etc. become mortal sins?

Well, first of all, spreading these ideas would certainly be a sin.  Now these elderly relatives of mine aren't out there posting pro choice or pro-gay stuff on the internet, but in conversation, they try to argue these points with various people and convince them to see things that way.  Voting for a pro-abortion politician is also a sin. 

I don't think that believing homosexuality or abortion are OK is officially a heresy but it shows that you have not submitted to the mind of the Church, even if you are not having abortions or engaging in homosexual activity.

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