If you don’t feel in need of God’s mercy don’t go to Mass, says Pope
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(02-13-2014, 11:10 AM)Unum Sint Wrote: I read the quote and I dont think he is saying what you think he is saying. I thought he was being sarcastic in his comment.

I am an incredibly sarcastic person, but there's a time and place for it.  Everything he says is dressed up in it, which is both unbecoming and prone to confusion given cultural idioms.

Yes and I would not do so either but Pope Francis if anything else has proven that he is not one to observe discretion or protocol when doing things.

I think you could accuse saint Francis of the same thing.

No one should fool himself that Pope Francis can be substantially compared with Saint Francis.

I dunno... St. Francis was definitely a fallible man. That is part of the reason I really do love him so much. He was a bit of a hot head. He had certain ideas that were challenged in the reality of their implementation. For example, he initially started out with this "great" idea that the friars should not be academics in any sense. Just be poor; beg for everything; live the Gospel. And then they came upon heretics who would quote scripture, engage in philosophical rhetoric, etc. The friars were rhetorically decimated in these confrontations. Enter St. Anthony of Padua, the Academic Augustinian who had the Bible memorized, was a philosophy whiz, knew theology, and came from the exact milieu St. Francis was seeking to not bring in. He tasked St. Anthony with teaching the friars. Suddenly, their meetings with the heretics took a turn: the friars were able to actually put forth an argument and many were converted from the ranks of heretics.

Now, St. Francis' idea was certainly noble, grandiose, etc. But it was ultimately stupid when faced with the reality of their day. Similarly, I see in Pope Francis some very grandiose ideas of simplicity. Noble, one might say, in its innocent ignorance. But he will potentially have to realize, like St. Francis, that one cannot just go off the hilt with these ideas if they do not prove to be effective.

The key for Franciscans was not that they be a bunch of purposely ignorant bumpkins, but that in their extremely ascetic lifestyle the principles employed should allow them to not count as temporally important such academic levels. Rather, they should embrace intelligence and academic pursuits as it allows them to raise that lifestyle to a higher level, which also allows defense of the Faith. In this, they became able preachers and yet, their simplicity was the greatest pulpit of all!

In living the Gospel they succeeded, but only once they were able to mesh the living of it with the explaining of it.

Presently, Pope Francis is at level 1: living.

He's gonna need to bring in a bit of Benedict's academia to act as a modern Anthony. He needs to learn to explain properly, as right now he's losing the rhetorical battle.

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