The Catholic Encyclopedia on "Outside the Church, No Salvation"
(02-18-2014, 04:12 PM)Old Salt Wrote: So a BAPTISED baby who never eats the Bread of Life and dies before the age of reason goes to Hell?

Don't know who said this or was interpreted as saying it, but it's definitely wrong.

The point of baptism, for a baby, is to supply all the dispositions for salvation that normally require the use of reason.  For example, Faith is required for salvation.  Baptism gives the baby the habit of Faith.

Likewise, receiving Our Lord in Holy Communion is necessary for salvation, but not in such a way that desire for it can't supply, in case of necessity.  In the case of the baptized baby, the habit of that desire is supplied by baptism.

Caveat: I'm no theologian and just explaining this as best I understand it.

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