Cdl. O'Malley on reforming Church's teaching on Communion for divorced+remarried

On the issue of annulment due to lack of faith, I think it is still very vague and Card. O'Malley himself in the interview does not seem to be a major proponent of the idea. He doesn't seem convinced of it. His body language and words, as interpreted also by Raymond Arroyo, suggest that it is an idea being proposed by others that [even] he thinks cannot fly. Now, as to interpretation: when I read it, I interpret it to mean that there may be grounds for annulment when you have, for example, a clueless Catholic spouse who marries a Protestant, secular humanist Muslim, or baptized-but-never-practiced Catholic, that is, one who does not have the Faith, the knowledge of the Truth and zero belief in it at the time of the marriage. I don't interpret it to include people who 'change their minds' about the Faith after the fact, etc. In the second half of the 20th century, one of the devil's cunning ideas (that was a roaring success!) was to have all of a sudden, generations of Catholics who felt it would be OK for their faith and for the faith of their children if they married outside of the Faith. Many such marriages ended in disaster. Separation, divorce, and then years later, some few of these people, battered by the hard lessons learned and yet restored by God's grace, return to the Faith, and meet real Catholics, and go to Mass daily, and do not receive communion, because after their first disaster marriage, they may have contracted a second one. I don't know how this proposal will end. Certainly, it seems unimportant to the Catholic Church when considered globally. Yes, it is very important in places like Germany and the US. But I think it is really not so important as that. I think that something will be done, but it will not be what people are expecting. It will be about Catholics who married and divorced non-Catholics or something. Who knows.
But cohabitation, now there is a problem. Yes, you are right, in Quebec, they do not even care enough now to go to the registry in many cases. A woman on my street just got "married" after living with her husband for 15 years, in a nice house, and have raised a daughter. This is totally normal. In this case, the "marriage" is just a sort of fancy party, a 25-year anniversary party in which they get to dress up like in a real wedding. Unreal, I tell you. Unreal.
I suspect that if anything, the Pope wants to make it possible to unite with the East. he must know this will not happen in his lifetime, but I imagine he wants to do his part to make incompatibilities mroe compatible wherever possible.
I have to say, though, this pontificate is going to get REALLY interesting. He is so outspoken, and so quick to act, that he will have no choice at some point but to make real decisions, which I think is totally what he does not want to do. I think he does not want to make any decisions. He wants to preach to the world. So he will construct a governmental structure to make it easier for the machine to operate without the pope being too involved if he does not want to. Whatever. Death always comes to our rescue when we need it.
The other day I read a description of a pope in a book called "Triumph: the Power and the Glory of the Catholic Church." I laughed out loud. It was SO Pope Francis. But of course it wasn't. I think it was a Clement, a pope that undid the good Jesuits. If you want, I will look it up. But eventually, these guys die, and wars and revolutions take care of all sorts of problems, and the next thing you know, we get a really good pope. We will get one. Maybe not in my lifetime. Don't get me wrong,, I am not bashing Pope Francis. I just mean he is not the kind that shows up every now and then in history and just cleans up the mess.  We will get one. Just look at the statistics of priestly ordinations in organizations that are either traditionalist or at least traditional, vs ordinations in dioceses, well, like Quebec. This is a war we will win. Old nuisances dying all the time; good, young priests being ordained. During Benedict's reign, many good men became priests. So far, Francis is most popular with the media and with non-Catholics and with people who will NEVER consider getting ordained. Never. So you do the math. God has always said that he blesses with children. We win this war with spiritual children/priests. Sorry for rambling (again!)

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