It's Septuagesima
Yesterday I had the blessing to go to a TLM and had this surprise.  :)        I have seen the term in The Little Office of the BVM but forgot what it meant so it was a treat to attend..  As to what to give up as one with a hermit-like existence, maybe I will practice typing so my comments stop taking ten minutes a piece so I can participate here more often.
Our Sunday Mass was a low Mass. And yes, the liturgical color was correct. So for Lent we'll be doing Stations of the Cross every Friday right after the Soup Supper. The wife and I made our reservations at a hotel so that we can stay for the entire Triduum again this year. Solemn High Masses every day from Palm Sunday onward, except Good Friday, of course. The FSSP church is 120 miles from my house so driving every day is a "butt buster". Then 2 to 4 hours in church plus another 120 miles home. This will be the third year we've done this. I really love it. Guess I'm one of those "fashion" lovers that our Pope is concerned about.

Also, I've improved my daily prayer time and now include 6 - 9 Rosaries a day for Lent.  :)
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(02-16-2014, 07:00 PM)austenbosten Wrote: Follow the Church Fathers Lenten Reading Plan


and perhaps give up meat, but that is debatable. I'm open for other suggestions, since much of my Lent last year was destroyed by a horrid virus that consumed me over a month! :)

That sounds like quite a penance! The virus, I mean. The reading list sounds great. I'll have to try it out next year.

Does that count?  ???
Some of our crosses we take up voluntarily, others we don't choose for ourselves. Either way, we can embrace them and offer up our difficulties, and use it as and opportunity to grow closer to Our Lord. At least I think I heard a sermon to that effect a couple years ago. :)

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