The Experiences of Homosexual Trads
May heterosexual users also post in this thread?
If yes,
then I only want to say that it has never been a problem for me to acknowledge that there most probably are many good, faithful, and better than I Catholics who are homosexual. To commit the sin of sodomy is a very, very grave matter, no doubt. But it's not the end of the world, as there's the Sacrament of Confession. To paraphrase our Vicar of Christ: who am I to judge a gay/lesbian person who is very sorry for their sins, confesses them and sincerely wants to change? God showed me His mercy many times, and I only can thank him that he does show it others. I cannot imagine how a person who does not claim that their sexual tendencies are something good and who does not promote this 'lifestyle' could be rejected, mocked, etc. None of us is perfect, and if people other than the priests I confess my sins to knew my sins they would totally reject me. But a homosexual person living in chastity/on their way to confession/after confession is, for me, like a person suffering from some other sort of mental disorder. Someone we should be most understanding for (which is not to be confused with behaving as if they were oh-the-most-needy-persons-I-must-show-them-my-support).

But I don't live in a trad world. I go to the Tridentine Mass, but I don't personally know anybody there and don't want to get to know. I'm too afraid to meet new people. But anyway, on a daily basis I live with liberal people (including moderately liberal Catholics), so I will find it most interesting to hear from homosexual trads about their experience. Heck, I actually don't really know any gay personally (that is, who would be open about it), so perhaps this forum will be the first place where I might exchange thoughts with homosexual people.

P.S. I just had this thought that there's more rejoicing in Heaven when, for example, Oscar Wilde at his deathbed truly wants to join (and as far as I know does join) our Church, is contrite, etc., than when the guys from Westboro Baptist Church say God hates the world.

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