The Experiences of Homosexual Trads
I have considered myself a Trad for a while now, but I actually attend a Byzantine Catholic Church. I have also struggled with SSA since I can remember, and my experience is diverse. For the most part, I keep my SSA to myself, and only really share it in anonymous venues like this one. However, I have had several very orthodox Catholic friends come right out and ask me if I struggled with SSA (apparently I'm not Mr. Macho Man, though some interpret that as me being a geek). I was close enough to these individuals so that I felt comfortable sharing information about my struggles with them (of course it was not graphic sharing). These good friends offered no judgment, but only love and encouraged me to continuing living a chaste life in Christ.

However, there are other individuals who have been more hostile, particularly some of the posters who were purged from this forum last summer. It seems that these people defined how traditional they were based on how weired out they were by gay people. I'll never understand that. Yet, I'm not that wimp who was hurt by this. I actually felt sorry for these people because it seemed like they had missed the entire point of the gospel. Being a trad is not about being a jerk, it's about living the historic Catholic faith, in service to Christ, pure and undiluted.

One of the interesting things I often hear is that a struggle with SSA is just like any other struggle with the virtue of chastity; yet, I would argue to the contrary. People who have a healthy heterosexual orientation, for the most part, can get married and work out their salvation in a life of companionship. True, that life has its difficulties, but it is a natural state of affairs. As God himself said, "It is not good that he should be alone." Even those heterosexuals who do not marry can become priests, and yes this comes with its own struggles, but it is certainly a life of meaning.

Both of these doors are closed to those who struggle with SSA, and it is very easy to succumb to the temptation to despair of a meaningful life. Yes, we must keep in mind our supernatural end, but it is quite a struggle. Though, I keep in mind, that the great the cross, the greater the reward.

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