The Experiences of Homosexual Trads
I think that understanding that since same-sex attraction is a disorder, it's not easy to categorize and treat SSA as a "cookie cutter" temptation.  For example, what may be a clear occasion of sin for one homosexual person may be completely neutral, or even spiritually helpful, for another.  The example, for me, is community life.  Some have raised the point with me before, when saying that I would like to live in a religious community, that being in the constant company of men would be a temptation...what they don't understand, though, is that for me, building strong, fraternal, chaste relationships with other men is helpful in the struggle against sin.  For some, though, this may not be the case.  SSA is like any other disorder--it may wax and wane, be stronger for some than others, and manifest itself in various ways.  Not everyone who is "depressed" manifests the same symptoms, or endures the same experiences.  Not everyone who suffers from, I don't know, high blood pressure, or diabetes experiences the same things.  

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