The Experiences of Homosexual Trads
(02-26-2014, 08:02 PM)Vox Clamantis Wrote: Why is that the case, Papist? Is it because you just don't care to mention it, consider it a private struggle for the most part, etc., or because of fear of being judged, or -- ?

For the most part I consider it a private struggle, and I am not sure that there is any benefit to myself or to others in sharing it. I could be wrong. The Eastern Orthodox monk Fr. Seraphim Rose was open about his past and his struggles in this matter, but he was a very saintly man.
(02-26-2014, 08:02 PM)Vox Clamantis Wrote: A big good riddance to those people. We're all sinners, but some folks have malice in them, which, to me, is on a totally different level of evil than folks stumbling with regard to addiction, sexual desire, etc. While I won't judge the souls of those folks either, I'd guess that Christ looks at malice as worse than, say, an alcoholic getting drunk one night after years on the wagon. When one of the Two Great Commandments is "love your neighbor, it seems a pretty obvious thing to me.

Anyway, I'm sorry you and others (and I, for that matter) had to deal with that crap. Banning the lot of the "toxic trad types" was a good thing, and I think the forum has been MUCH better off since then.
I agree. The forum has been much better now. Thank you for all the work that you do.
(02-26-2014, 08:02 PM)Vox Clamantis Wrote: While it's true that marriage and the priesthood are closed to homosexuals, it's also true -- especially in this culture -- that decent spouses are hard to find. And spouses can dump you, leaving you in the same situation homosexuals are in. Or they die (and women after the age of 40 are not very likely to find another spouse). All of this I'm saying to just point out that there are lots of straight people in the situation of being sexual beings, young and vibrant, wanting sexual intimacy -- but unable to express their love for another in a sexual way. There are, undoubtedly, a lot more of them numerically than there are homosexuals in that same boat. But it is so, too, as you say, that the hope could always be there (e.g., maybe the spouse who dumped you dies, or you're one of the few women whom men hit on after the age of 30 :P )
Very good points. All things which one needs to keep in mind when tempted to despair. We all have difficult crosses to carry.
(02-26-2014, 08:02 PM)Vox Clamantis Wrote: Your last paragraph is really sad to me and makes me want to repeat something I've said before on this forum (many times, after all these years):  the old school way of veritably pushing folks into marriage or a monastery/seminary was bad, and there are some trads who still think that way (a small sub-set, thank God). There is room in the world for all the folks who don't have religious or priestly vocations, who aren't called to marriage, who might think they're called to marriage but can't find a spouse, etc. Maybe one thing the Church could do is talk more about the single life and ways of making the celibate life as meaningful and as rich as possible. There are sooooo many things that the single can do that folks with families, or the religious, don't have the time to do, for ex. Maybe we need a "Singles Club" (but with a better name so it doesn't sound like a dating club) for straight folks and homosexuals and whoever who are committed to chastity and who want to engage in service to others, maybe evangelize in the streets together, or do random acts of kindness in the Name of Jesus together. In addition to helping set up volunteer stuff, it could also act as a sub-community of the Church for celibate, non-ordained/non-religious folks to get together and socialize, have some fun, and have each others' backs spiritually. (Man, I wish I had a bigger house (with a kitchen) and some money! I'd SO start something like this in my home!)

In any case, don't despair about not having a meaningful life just because you can't marry or become a priest! There's so, SO much you can do! Your being single frees you up to do a lot of things folks with kids just can't because kids are such a "time-suck"! Being single can be seen as a gift in that way!
Again, all very good points.  In January I completed my masters degree in philosophy, graduating Summa cum laude, and I hope to eventually begin working on my PhD at a faithful Catholic institution. It would be very difficult to do these sorts of things if I were married and had children.

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