The Experiences of Homosexual Trads
This is an awesome thread!

I'm not gay but I can feel for persons with SSA. I mean here you are, denied ever being able to experience love with a partner, and further having to be told that your attractions are "disordered." It's not hard to think why many don't choose a Catholic lifestyle! And although it is absolutely true that SSA is a disordered attraction, how do we make people with SSA feel welcome? It's so tragic that so many men and women have to go through this struggle alone. I can't imagine how tough that is! Perhaps some tight knit networking is needed. A hybrid between a monastery and secular life, where folks called to a single life can continue working in the world but still somehow support each other. It's a difficult topic to address needless to say, but certainly Trad attitudes need to change.

Anyway, back to my corner watching this unfold

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