The Experiences of Homosexual Trads
(02-27-2014, 01:23 AM)mortify Wrote: This is an awesome thread!

I'm not gay but I can feel for persons with SSA. I mean here you are, denied ever being able to experience love with a partner, and further having to be told that your attractions are "disordered." It's not hard to think why many don't choose a Catholic lifestyle! And although it is absolutely true that SSA is a disordered attraction, how do we make people with SSA feel welcome? It's so tragic that so many men and women have to go through this struggle alone. I can't imagine how tough that is! Perhaps some tight knit networking is needed. A hybrid between a monastery and secular life, where folks called to a single life can continue working in the world but still somehow support each other. It's a difficult topic to address needless to say, but certainly Trad attitudes need to change.

Anyway, back to my corner watching this unfold

Amen. I'm telling ya, I'm finding this thread surprising and ohhhhhhhhhhh so sad! I so very much want to DO something to make things better for homosexual trads and for any single trad who feels lost, "without purpose," etc., because he's not married, ordained, or living in a monastery somewhere. Something MUST be done!  If anyone has ideas, I want to hear them! I want to start a movement! I want all single trads (homosexual or straight), no matter their stations in life, to feel effective, purposeful, loved, heard, needed!

This thread's killing me...


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