The Experiences of Homosexual Trads
Thank you for making your life and thoughts manifest, Papist, possibly to your own embarrassment. It is beautiful sacrifice for the sake of your brethren.

As to counselors, they can get stuffed for the most part. This is Canada, so ostensibly such help is "free", but the free-psychs are under-trained and superficial. They suggest things that do not hit the core of the problems. The private psychs cost $100+ every hour, and frankly I don't have any money. Years of isolation tend to do that.

I thank God for the gift of the grace to simply "hold on", yes. My godmother gave me the Vatican II Liturgy of the Hours, and although it is inane in some places, I've managed to learn most of the Latin. The deeper theology and meaning in the original language offer many hours of consolation amidst the vagaries of fear and anxiety.

God is good.

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