The Experiences of Homosexual Trads
(02-27-2014, 10:50 AM)ThomasTheDoubter Wrote: I sympathise with you guys. It's hard to have good self image when you feel worthless. Especially when everyone around you is getting married or pursuing a vocation, whether religious or secular, and you feel unable to do so.

One thing that really helps is the thought that God doesn't let suffering go in vain. And the cross is the thing that makes us more like Christ if borne in patience. There's no other religion that teaches this deep truth.

This is very true, however it can't become a reason for thwarting outward looking expression. People with SSA have a place in the Church beyond suffering and it's time for the Catholic Church to give serious thought to ways in which the single lay-life can be shaped into a worthy vocation, endorsed and supported by the community. There are similar models traditionally open to unmarried women - the consecrated virgin lives out a vocation in the world, embodying a definitive vocation in and of itself. It's an exciting time and there's plenty that can be done to bring people deeper into the Church, closer to Christ.

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