The Experiences of Homosexual Trads
(02-27-2014, 11:16 AM)Heorot Wrote: Ptochos, what a strange set of experiences! I've never seen two middle-aged men walking together and assumed that anyone else saw them as anything but friends. This makes absolutely no sense to me. Are people in your area very uptight about sexuality to the point where two friends walking together are suspected of being a couple? Do you somehow make it obvious that you're close friends? Maybe most people see two men together more than once, and they assume a same-sex relationship! Wow...

On further reflection, I admit that I, myself, have fallen to this temptation. In our novus ordo church, every Sunday night I see two men come in together and sit together in the same place. From what I've heard of them speaking, they are very comfortable with each other. Due to my own sinfulness and experiences, I presumed. For the longest time, I assumed they were "together", especially because it's a novus ordo parish and thus no one cares about the morals of anyone else (except when it comes to Bingo; then everyone's a rigourist). This year I found out that I had never truly looked at one of the men: he is blind or at least severely visually impaired and his friend helps him to a pew and to holy communion ever week. Interesting what our culture and mindset can do to us, no?

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