The Experiences of Homosexual Trads
Though you say wise things, I don't know about that "identity" bit, loggats...

Do you think St. Paul was referring to those who have - and act on - homosexual desires, in the second half of Romans 1? He says that they were given up not only to the acts, but to the lust itself, due to their perverted image of God (paganism). Is this related to use today, or is it strictly a pre-Christian pagan fact? I don't think the latter is even a possibility.

To form our very identity around a desire for a certain sexual object is not healthy. There cannot be 'a gay person', because there cannot be 'a murdering person' or 'a thieving person', etc.! We don't identify human persons by how they act or do not act, but based on what they are. On the basis of pure quiddity, my "whatness", my "essence" is not "a gay person", but "a human person".

I'd find it very scary if we start believing SSA is an identity of itself. We might as well say thieves have an identity imprinted in their very humanity: Thieving Nature, the Essence of Thievery, and such. I know that's a hyperbole, but I think it's accurate.

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