The Experiences of Homosexual Trads
(02-27-2014, 12:39 PM)loggats Wrote: If I were you I'd go to the TLM, make no effort to hide the reality of the situation, and witness to those people by my presence. You may even provide a valuable example to young SSA people there undergoing whatever indoctrination leads to supposed Catholics "holding it against you." A homosexual living his faith in a holy life - a scandal to the homophobe, and a stumbling block to the trads. ;)

Alternatively, since that would be quite an undertaking, option 3 seems like it would be great too. We all need a welcoming community who'll know and love us for ourselves.

If personal safety isn't an issue, I'm once again with Loggats on this. I want homosexuals OUT of the closet, chaste, feeling totally unashamed for having a disorder, witnessing to each other and to straight folk, loving Christ, teaching others how to live chaste lives, feeling free to feel whole and loved for who they are, etc.  If I were in your position, I'd like to think I'd grab my friend and go to Mass with him, letting the busy-bodies make their sick assumptions, and being the best Christian I could be along the way. YOU be the friendly, welcoming one. Show 'em how it's done!


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