The Experiences of Homosexual Trads

A post sent to me in an email from someone who wants to remain anonymous:

Anonymous Wrote:I have been following and posting on fisheaters for many years now, since [years removed by Vox], however I didn't want to post under my fisheaters account because I don't like to have my personal life broadcast.

I think your post is an interesting topic, especially since I have had SSA since I was about 13 and have been a traditional Catholic since at least 1987 when I was 19 and first discovered the TLM. I have a few general thoughts on the issue:

-SSA and related sins shouldn't be treated as anything different than other similar sexual sins.

-I don't think that using the term homosexual is useful because it hits at the concept of a seperate identity. I think SSA is better because it does not have the same identity-marking aspect. I think that since 'homosexual' has been used, it has created a different class of persons and that is what has given traction to the issue to become about human rights rather than about prohibited acts.

-I think the best solution to the problem is for people to just stop talking about it. In the ancient world I suppose it was quite public and as a result talked about publically, but what happened over time when the Chistian influence started to make inroads? It was not talked about very much, and eventually it went underground, to the point that I suppose many straight people never really thought much about it and rarely encountered it at all, up until perhaps the beginning of the last century. The reason that I think this is the best strategy is that it is not a problem that can easily be dealt with. Most people find their attractions unchangeable and as a result if it is given a public voice the only result is a demand for public expression, which effects the christian way of life, as we can see happening now.

I have lived in other parts of the world where it is not publically acknowleged, it is not criminal, but it is also not given any legal status. I found this was a great solution because it protected public morality while at the same time letting those with SSA avoid any kind of criminalization.

-regarding the recent laws in Uganda, I have no strong feelings either way. My assumption is that it is probably a law with no hooks, meaning that it is more a statement of a moral position by the government and the people than something they will seriously enforce. It is a way of at least keeping the problem from growing so bold as to organize and take foreign money for social agitation.

-perhaps the best solution at present is to follow the Polish or Russian example of prohibiting the promotion of the lifestyle, because it  really is a deathstyle, just like smoking. Where I live the government heavily taxes smoking and has many programs to discourage its continued use as  it leads to health problems. I wonder why they don't think the same way about gay sex since studies show regular use can lead to a shorter life expectency and other problems... if the problem was seen as an activity and not an identity perhaps this solution might get some notice... but as it is, in the western world where its all about human rights, this is not likely.

-personally, i find dealing with this temptation to be an ongoing struggle. however i find that i receive more descrimination from people that find out I am a traditional Catholic than from those that know about my SSA. Living a celibate lifestyle is lonely and difficult, and I find this new pope discouraging because he seems to want to belittle people making sacrifices to live the traditional Catholic faith.

But anyway this is my reality and I have to thank God for it even if I don't understand it because He is the best judge of what is good for me.

Thanks for the great site and for having concern for those that carry this particular cross.

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