The Experiences of Homosexual Trads
You are right, Vox.

My primary reason for wanting to remain "in", rather than "out", is simply because I hope beyond hope that I can become a priest one day. If I were to admit I have SSA to the degree that it is part of my very identity, I would never be able to become a priest. Once people know that sort of thing, they're not likely to believe you when you say it's been conquered - precisely because you made it part of your identity, publicly.

Not sure if I'm just deceiving myself as to the priesthood desire... if I knew definitively that it was not my path, I would not care who knew my secret disorders, to be honest. This is a big sorrow of many SSA trad men, I think. They simply aren't in a position to admit it.

Thanks for the constant encouragement. Your 2 cents are worth more than 2 dollars, surely.

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