The Experiences of Homosexual Trads
(02-27-2014, 01:19 AM)Melkite Wrote:
(02-27-2014, 12:44 AM)A Catholic Thinker Wrote: If you google the phrase "objective mortal sin" you will see that all kinds of Catholics use it.  Here is one example:

I already acknowledged that, yes, I agree it is a misnomer, given that the qualifier "mortal" more or less implies the subjective - so to include "objective" in the same qualifier list is not sensible.

But, it is, as I said, a semantic issue, and not one that you or anyone else needs to use to draw subjective conclusions about somebody who used it.

I appreciate your agreement that its use is technically not sensible.  However, its use by all kinds of Catholics does not mean it is merely semantics; rather, it means all kinds of Catholics are ignorant of their own theology.

Or maybe it means you're hung-up on semantics.  You don't seem to understand the meaning of the word.  Look at it this way: people don't always mean something in exactly the way a direct literal interpretation of their words implies.  Again, the use of the qualifier "objective" makes the phrase mean something other than what you insist it does.

To the poster that questioned why terminology matters - are you serious?  Catholics live in the world and how we present ourselves and Catholic teaching matters.  I think the term "homosexual" is *insulting* to people who suffer from SSA because it *is* a term of the popular culture, and one that implies - at least to most of the culture - a person who acts on his disordered impulses.  This is precisely because the culture refuses with all the obstinance it can muster to make any distinction whatsoever between orientation and behavior.  The *good* Catholics I have known who suffer from SSA would never identify with the term "homosexual".  They do not call themselves "homosexuals".

The term also implies that the orientation is completely innate and unchangeable - anyone who knows anything of the facts knows that that is another lie.  As other posters have pointed out, in at least a great many case the root causes are psychological.  The overbearing other/distant father scenario leads to homosexual inclinations - this is a fact that the research bore out most clearly before such research was simply outlawed by political correctness.  Reparative therapy - also now all but outlawed by our diabolical culture - does have success stories.

(Why is homosexual behavior on the rise?  There's no doubt that it is.  Lesbian behavior is now completely accepted, and considered advante-garde, in entertainment.  Studies have shown that adopted children of gay "parents" are more likely to live homosexual lives, and that men who are introduced to homosexual behavior in prison are more likely to engage in it after prison than the norm.)

Finally, to call someone a "homosexual" is to identify them based on their sexual inclinations - isn't that incredibly shallow and worldly in itself?

The Catholic who suffers from SSA should not only maintain chastity but also strive to get to the bottom of his disordered inclinations and, if possible, marry.  Countless souls who do or once suffered from SSA have done this.

After all, is someone ever really completely gay in the sense that most men are - not gay at all?  My brother, who has lived an actively homosexual lifestyle for nearly 25 years now, was able to sleep with women to maintain appearances and popularity in high school (and college).  So, actually, despite seeming and being to be quite "gay", he was (and likely still is) much more "straight" than almost all "straight" men are "gay"!  No non-SSA man I know could have sex with another man even if there was a gun to his head.

(He was never bullied, as far as I know, but in college when someone called him a fag on the street near his home he beat him half to death.  Reminds me of the poor little old lady holding up a sign for true marriage in the Castro district of San Fran a few years ago who feared for her life - this was reported by LifeSiteNews...)

I'm actually not much for discussions of this type that tend to be fueled by emotions and littered with personal invective so this is my last contribution to the thread.  

Please do have compassion for those who struggle with SSA but please also make sure to ponder the phrase "sin that cries out to Heaven for vengeance" once in awhile.

And keep in mind Pius IX's lament (paraphrased): "We hear again and again of the rights of man; what of the rights of God?"  Homosexual acts are gravely offensive to our all-perfect, all-loving, all-holy God whether or not they are committed with knowledge & consent of the will.

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