The Experiences of Homosexual Trads
(02-28-2014, 03:05 PM)PolishTrad Wrote:
"A Catholic Thinker" Wrote:The Catholic who suffers from SSA should not only maintain chastity but also strive to get to the bottom of his disordered inclinations and, if possible, marry.
And then divorce, and leave the wife and children.

Only if his SSA/choice to commit homosexual acts is more important to him than his wife and children. If that's the case good riddance. I say the same about a hetero man that chooses to leave his wife and kids (my husband will most likely at some point) for his choice to sleep with other women. I say AGAIN good riddance. Marriage and vows are a commitment not to be taken lightly and choosing to love and sacrifice your own personal wants to be honorable and loving to your spouse and children is the Christian position. If someone chooses self and wants of self above spouse and children...don't let the door hit'cha on the way out jerk. (speaking to any selfish person SSA/straight that would dump their wife/husband/kids.

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