The Experiences of Homosexual Trads
(03-01-2014, 03:56 AM)jonbhorton Wrote: Those with SSA have an opportunity to be servants of the Body, being not solicitous for the cares of the world. While they generally are not priests or religious, this allows them the chance to have greater freedom in Christ. A heterosexual priest does not automatically lose his sexual desires. A single man who is not with SSA doesn't lose his either.

The die is cast, the lot is know, the choice is easy to see: Christ, or the Devil.

Keep up the fight. Not all in the view of heterosexual couples is accurate. There's much consternation. A man with wife and children can't just randomly do things. Neither can a priest. You all with SSA have a greater freedom in Christ than many; do not look on what you can't have, but what you can. Do not look on the taunting images of abusive relationships cast as "love", within the unchaste milieu of the homosexuals. They are slaves to slavery. In Christ, you are slaves to freedom in Christ. You can choose to live simply and serve all. Or, God forbid, you can choose to serve self.

Either way, no matter one's proclivity, the choice remains: serve Christ or serve the Devil.

It ain't easy on the "straight" side. The grass is green with toddler puke. It's affection with mood swings. It's keep my mouth shut in front of a shithead boss so wife and children don't go without.

You don't have those problems. Praise God and keep running the race.

Life is short on earth. Don't forsake eternity for now. Such is the goal of all, gay or straight.

Keep fighting. Stick with Mary. Be Christ in the world.

johnbhorton, thank you for this solicitous post. It is incredibly uplifting and edifying to see such an attitude from a straight trad. jsfromsf68 really placed our sense of futility - a seemingly fated life without freedom - in excellent context. I would think it's easy for SSA people, and especially trads, to fall into the heresy of Jansenism. We are heavy with sorrow about the lack of opportunities in conventional Church life, and we feel that it is impossible for us to be otherwise than we are. The Calvinists would have us believe that we can't do anything because of our total depravity, and that there is no point in even attempting to have hope. Your message has imparted hope.

You help me personally realize that the celibate, lay SSA man can, in fact mirror Christ in a deeply sacramental way. He is not alter christus at the altar, not alter christus in the home with the wife, but he is capable of becoming a perfect alter christus for every stranger he meets. Christ was not married; Christ was not recognized as a Levite or Priest. We ourselves can enter into that reality perfectly, if we only cast away the devil and the lusts of the flesh, taking off the Old Man and putting on the New. Thanks be to God for baptism, confirmation, and holy communion. Thanks be to God that, regardless of our fears, nothing can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Let us exercise the liberty of the children of God, brethren, in every state which comes to us from Heaven/

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