The Experiences of Homosexual Trads
The notion that there are people afflicted with "incurable" SSA who are not meant to marry but also consequently are not able to enter the priesthood (obviously we're talking about males here) can be pretty heart-rending - but in a worldly sense, really.  What I mean is that the silver lining that such people are made for the Lord and only for the Lord is such a beautiful thing that it bowls me over.  In a sense, such people are just like clergy in that they belong only the Lord, but unlike them they are also blessed with a severe cross... yes, blessed - when viewed as a blessing what a beautiful thing it is also.

Yes, such people are lost and miserable without the Lord - just like everyone without the Lord, sooner or later.

I'd be willing to be that some of the greatest unknown saints in history suffered from SSA.  I also know they would hate the modern homosexualist movement as much as I do.

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