The Experiences of Homosexual Trads
(03-01-2014, 01:06 PM)A Catholic Thinker Wrote: The notion that there are people afflicted with "incurable" SSA who are not meant to marry but also consequently are not able to enter the priesthood (obviously we're talking about males here) can be pretty heart-rending - but in a worldly sense, really.  What I mean is that the silver lining that such people are made for the Lord and only for the Lord is such a beautiful thing that it bowls me over.  In a sense, such people are just like clergy in that they belong only the Lord, but unlike them they are also blessed with a severe cross... yes, blessed - when viewed as a blessing what a beautiful thing it is also.

Yes, such people are lost and miserable without the Lord - just like everyone without the Lord, sooner or later.

I'd be willing to be that some of the greatest unknown saints in history suffered from SSA.  I also know they would hate the modern homosexualist movement as much as I do.

Catholic Thinker, thank you for this excellent post. You have edified my spirit at a time when it was drooping.

For those of us who wish to possess the sacred priesthood for the sacrifice and praise of God, or even desire the status of bridegroom to a woman for the symbol of Christ and the Holy Church, it is indeed heart-rending. We look forward to things which are outside the attainment of our lives. You are correct to point out that it is only agonizing in a worldly sense, however, and this is what has inspired me so much. Were I not so phlegmatic and neutral a person, I would certainly be expressing my gratitude in tears right now. I, for one, wish to become a priest or a husband or a religious brother solely to impart a sense of meaning and dignity to my empty life. Since the purpose of holy orders, matrimony, and vows is love of God and service to the neighbour, however, these are illegitimate and worldly reasons. My sorrow over the impossibility of grasping these things must, then, be worldly.

How do we ascend beyond carnal desires, influenced not by pride and the passions, but by love and sacrifice? Certainly, one of the first steps is reading words like those which you've posted. I am made for the Lord and only for the Lord, not for a superior-general or a wife or a liturgical committee ( :LOL: ) or children or anything like that? If this blows you away, how much more do you think it shocks me and ignites a great love of God in me? I'm used to seeing myself as a "fag", "homo", "gay", "effeminate", rubbish, worthless, pointless. The effect of your post is astonishing. I hope that attitude penetrates every heart in the Church.

Glorious post. Thank you.

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