The Catholic Church forbids circumcision for any reason!
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(02-27-2014, 02:49 PM)Geremia Wrote:
(02-27-2014, 02:02 PM)PrairieMom Wrote: I think the passage that the OP quoted is in reference to ritual circumcision. There have been Christians throughout history that has insisted that we needed to abide by the Old Covenant.
But he addresses himself to all Christians, not just those who observe the Old Law.

And if you read what I posted, you will note that:

Quote:The theory that circumcision still held some spiritual benefits even for Christians, prompted at least some of the condemnations you speak of. The Council of Vienne (1311), for example, decreed that Christians should not be lured into Judaism or be circumcised for any reason.

The following century, the Council of Florence (1438-1435) ordered "all who glory in the name of Christ not to practice circumcision either before or after baptism, since whether or not they place their hope in it, it cannot possibly be observed without loss of eternal salvation."

So clearly, it was a problem within the Church at that time.
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(02-27-2014, 02:02 PM)PrairieMom Wrote: Modern circumcision is different. The history is different and the reasons are different (thank Mr. Kellogg for that one). Currently, the principal Catholic objection to circumcision is based on the principal of violating the rights of the person.
Yes, modern circumcision is definitely mutilation; it's far more extreme than how Jesus et al. were circumcised.

Some very interesting pages on circumcision:

Apparently, modern medical circumcision follows the Pharisees' Talmud (Brit Peri'ah circumcision), whereas how Jesus was circumcised (Brit Milah) leaves the inner prepuce intact.

I'm with you there. With modern circumcision, the intent is to alter sexual function, to curb "promiscuity", initially among sailors but eventually spreading to the whole of the population. For those who argue that it makes no difference to function, that's something to think about.

Ditto Kellogs Cornflakes.

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