The Catholic Church forbids circumcision for any reason!
austenbosten Wrote: Melikite, I'm sorry that you feel so empty because you were circumcised. But please man get some help for it. It's no good carrying this thing on your back. Give it up to God, you do realize you can restore your foreskin, Geremina has a post on another thread. So it's not like all is lost, you can regain the feeling and function of a foreskin, sure it may not be exactly like a foreskin, but that's a cross you can bear.

Just get help, don't carry this grudge around your whole life, it's not good.

I appreciate the sincerity of your sympathy, despite my hostility before.  Foreskin restoration doesn't work.  I've tried it when i was younger, i was not able to grow any new skin.  For those that are able to, it only grows new skin, it does not regrow any of the lost nerve endings, estrogen receptors or pheromone producers.  That is all gone for good.  So unfortunately for me, all hope is lost.  And i can appreciate that this isn't the worst thing that could possibly have happened to me.  But, barring significant advances in stem cell research in the near future, all hope is lost.  I can't even realistically hope for a true regeneration in the resurrection.  The foreskin is a thing of this world, my only chance at having a whole body is in this world.  That was eternally robbed from me before i was old enough to fight back.  You'll have to forgive me, but rather then letting go, i have to fight to make it so parents legally can never do this to their children again.  I believe you when you say you had no ill intent in doing this to your son, but you still never had the right to subject your son to it.  It is objectively immoral when there is no immediate medical necessity.  Defenseless children have to be protected from the error of their parents, no matter how well meaning their intent is.

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